Is it possible to build a future proof law firm?

June 12, 2018

“When the rate of change inside the business is exceeded by the rate of change outside the business, the end is near.” – Former President of GE, Jack Welsh

The future is unpredictable.

In today’s unstable market, growing a successful law firm can be challenging. New digital trends and legal requirements emerge – sometimes by complete surprise – forcing law firms to change their way of working if they want to survive. And not to forget, clients’ rapidly changing needs are also making it difficult for a firm to survive using traditional models.

Traditional legal practices that haven’t yet been impacted by the disruption of legal technology, will surely be in the future. And making it difficult to prepare, is the fact that the disruption is non-linear. In other words, no thing in of itself, no specific lever or driver can you singularly apply to what’s on the horizon.

But with the right investments in technology and processes, it is possible to build a future-proof law firm.

Attend the IDEX Legal and Wolters Kluwer exclusive roundtable and understand:

  • How to streamline your law practice management
  • How you can keep all your matters under control: any document, email, event, due date, task, contact, timesheet, invoice, just a click away
  • Methods and strategies for coping with overwhelming workload by automating workflow
  • How can you give more value to your work and clients
  • How you can protect your law firm with issues like cyber-threats, data protection and risks constantly on the increase
  • How you can redefine the legacy being mobile
  • How can you have a total cost of ownership by increasing your top line growth
  • How you can keep a tab on your budgets assigned to a matter

Please note that this is a closed event limited to 25 seats so please RSVP at the earliest to block your seat.

Click here to register for the roundtable session.

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