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LawServ- The Legal Services Expo is second iteration of a platform which brings together dozens of legal service providers; law firms, executive search agencies, technology companies, risk and compliance consultant and more to help in-house departments source solutions and products to manage your departmental budgets and productivity more effectively.

It is the first of its kind in the Asian continent and aims to facilitate a triangular exchange of knowledge and commerce between three integral segments of the legal community:

  • Law Firms
  • In- House Legal Departments
  • Third- Party Solution Providers


Why exhibit at LawServ 2017

Whether you are a law firm, educational institute, recruiter, technology company, legal consultant or a vendor catering solutions to the legal community, LawServ is an ideal platform for you to exhibit your services and create brand awareness.

LawServ provides you with the opportunity to build a business by networking and building relations with the right set of audience. Get a chance to interact with top legal professionals and customers in your field. Also, keep up with latest developments in legal technology and services.

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Why attend LawServ?

LawServ is a premium platform for In-house lawyers to directly interact with various legal services providers such as law firms, law schools, consultants, executive search agencies and third- party service and solution providers. As an attendee you will meet more than 30+ service providers and companies providing solutions to help you manage your business and departments better, all in the span of a day.

LawServ will also host expert theatre sessions that are highly profitable for In-house lawyers and lawyers. By attending these expert sessions, you can walk away with insights on contemporary topics, current trends in the legal sector providing greater understanding of the topic of discussion and the functioning of the legal infrastructure in India and abroad.

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